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Latest Reviews
  • kulmikasrotta - 27-03-2017 6:26:49 am
    10 /10
    Simply loving this show! I saw Westworld's trailer in a movie theater and thought I should watch this and I'm not regretting my decision. The show is dark, somewhat cruel but in every aspect so fascinating. All the pieces fit together and getting all the answers in the end is just breathtaking. Clever plot, distinct characters and perfect acting.
  • kulmikasrotta - 27-03-2017 6:16:59 am
    9 /10
    This show seemed first kinda boring and slow-paced but somehow I got hooked by it. The mysterious circumstances that led to the disappearing of Prairie are simply fascinating. The absolute best thing of this show is how you can make different interpretations and none of them is right or wrong. One could say Prairie is indeed deeply troubled and traumatized and the show is a drama about her survival or she actually is something different than the rest of us, thus the genre is pure scifi/mystery.
  • Dawidko1200 - 27-03-2017 1:16:44 am
    7 /10
    Not as good as any of the other Netflix/Marvel shows, but it's fun and sets up some interesting plots. Madame Gao is a fantastic villain, will be happy if she will play a major role next season.
  • Sobedead - 27-03-2017 12:16:37 am
    1 /10
    why this iron piss with crappy inconsistent power is on marvel is a marvel itself. :O
  • Wolffy200k - 27-03-2017 12:11:43 am
    Jesus! Guys don't u know how to rate stop stuff? is not that good TO YOU but doesn't mean you should give 1/10. It's not as good as daredevil but there's way worse
  • nevertheless - 26-03-2017 11:28:01 pm
    yep the rating is all wrong wtf!!!
  • mrteixeira - 26-03-2017 10:54:33 pm
    1 /10
    It started great but now is a bit boring. Little bit disappointing compared to other Marvel's shows.
  • Animaline - 26-03-2017 4:40:31 pm
    1 /10
    need to balance the rating...
  • flamingfalcon - 26-03-2017 3:41:31 pm
    sometimes i feel he quit tv as well y we gotta wait so long]
  • jmzdrn - 26-03-2017 2:14:38 pm
    10 /10
    omg!!!! why????!!! :'(
  • ishanya101 - 26-03-2017 1:33:00 pm
    10 /10
    the best tv show after viking.. love it
  • nevertheless - 26-03-2017 11:32:58 am
    i'm not sure about this show ,i guess we 'll see,i watched tvd until season 4 th-n it got all dumb
  • SAAHILz - 26-03-2017 11:02:29 am
    10 /10
    I just love all the flash episodes
  • blackdevils73 - 26-03-2017 3:16:35 am
    9 /10
    Love the show, have been watching since season 1 episode 1. Would give it 10 but I don't like the new cast for the current season. Too many backgrounds that are unclear and what not.
  • nevertheless - 25-03-2017 5:22:15 pm
    i didn't see that one coming lol,oh well..another crapy ending,somethings never change
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